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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump update 3/01/2017..1 of Most Extraordinary Moments in Politics

President Trump’s Address to the Joint Congress

New CNN Poll: 75% of Americans Approved Of Trump's Speech Last Night

A New Chapter: Trump's Epic Address to Congress

President Trump Address to Congress - A Homerun Feb. 28, 2017

Ron's Tweetstorm - Was Trump's Speech Libertarian?

Why Was Red Pill Philosophy Sobbing During Trump's Address To Congress?

TRUMP's First Speech To Congress and What I Saw

Ann Coulter on The Mark Simone Show

Moore's dire prediction about Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh Analysis of Donald Trump's Address to Congress, Trump Crushes Left

DICK MORRIS explains how President Trump WILL DEFEAT the left in both parties

Van Jones: Trump Became President, Honoring Ryan 1 of Most Extraordinary Moments in Politics

President Trump Honors Fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owens - Wife Receives Standing Ovation

The Donald Trump Conundrum

Broad agenda, mixed reactions: All you need to know about Trump’s 1st major speech as president

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