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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump update 3/02/2017.. Attacks on Sessions is #FAKENEWS

Trump Full Speech Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier

The Elite Are Stunned By Trump's Spirit

Obama Deep State & Fake News Media: Our Beloved Republic Is Going Straight to Hell in a Hand Basket

Analysis: Only 3% of CBS, NBC reports on Pres. Trump were Positive

Jeff Sessions and Russia conspiracy theories

Democrats assault Jeff Sessions. Crime of the century.

Jeff Sessions responds to Russia allegations

"Did Jeff Sessions Talk To Russia?" Spicer dismantles ABC Reporter

"Get OUT!" Whoopi Goldberg ATTACKS Trump's Jeff Sessions after Russia scandal

Sean Hannity Defends Jeff Sessions from ATTACKS of LYING LIBERALS

Rush Limbaugh DEFENDS Jeff Sessions - Attacks on Sessions is FAKE NEWS

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