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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump update 3/05/2017..Ask your Doctor about Trumpex

Ask your Doctor about Trumpex

TRUMP Halts SUV, Jumps Out On Bridge (Palm Beach Motorcade, Bingham Island) Mar-A-Lago

Scuffles, fistfights erupt as pro and anti-Trump rallies clash in Berkeley

Violence Again in Berkeley - Trump Supporters Vs. ANTIFA

'People regret they supported him' - Opinions on Trump collide in RT debate

American analysts Brent Budowsky and John Hajjar clashed in a debate broadcast on RT, with polarized opinions about the performance of US President Donald Trump and claims of Russian interference with US elections. Despite debating remotely, the two analysts engaged in a heated verbal altercation, prompting, at one point, Budowsky to threaten to take off his mic and leave.

Loretta Lynch calls for blood and death on the streets?

witches trying to 'bind' Trump

‘DC insiders seek to defeat Donald Trump - even in aftermath of his victory’ – ex CIA agent

Silent Coup: Obama, FISA, NSA, Deep State vs. President Donald Trump

BIGGER Than Watergate? Why TOWERGATE could be the LARGEST scandal in history

Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped his phone is plausible

Trump White House Demands Investigation Of Trump Tower Wiretapping

Mark Levin Exposes True Nature of (Proven) Trump Wiretap Claims

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