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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump update 3/28/2017..Trump Demands Podesta & Clinton Investigation

A Few Thoughts Now On President Trump's Efforts To Drain The Swamp - Lou Dobbs

Trump Demands Podesta & Clinton Investigation, Russia Conspiarcy

Who Are the Neocon Traitors Who Have Sold-Out America

Repeal & replace Paul Ryan?

McCain says scandalous revelations about Trump team won't end soon

Cheney suggests Russian meddling could be 'act of war'

Deep State Desperate - Everything Being Exposed

Continuity Of Government and Dennis Montgomery

#Pedogate Criminals Being Rounded Up By Trump Administration

What You Really Need To Know About The Trump Russia Collusion

Spicer: Media Would See Conspiracy If Trump Ate 'Russian Salad Dressing'

Trump Signs Roll-Back on Obama-Era Climate Plans

David Rockefeller predicted that Trump will get assassinated next month? Illuminati set up!

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