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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump update 3/29/2017..Obama armed alphabet agencies for coup

Michael Moore Claims Trump Causing “Extinction of Life on Earth”

Mexico's Former President Tears Into Donald Trump

CNN’s Jim Acosta to Spicer: Is Trump ‘Detached From Reality?’

Chomsky Predicts A Trump False Flag

Shadow Government Admits Plan For Violent Overthrow Of Trump Via COG

Obama Armed Alphabet Agencies For Coup

Rewriting the Rules of Presidential Succession

A project begun after 9/11 assumes new urgency after the 2016 election—creating a more sensible plan for what happens when a chief executive steps aside.

......there is not yet any public evidence of collusion. But if the worst case proves to be true, America will have to live with the consequences, including the dark cloud of illegitimacy that would hang over all actions taken by an administration that won with the aid of foreign interference. The evidence that is already public makes it clear that malign foreign forces have tried, and will try again to influence, distort and even swing American elections. That’s why Americans need to begin serious work and debate toward crafting a reasonable option so that this Friday the 13th doesn’t turn into a series, and so that Americans finally give themselves some protection against the kind of nightmares that modern cyberwarfare and terrorism can allow.

House Panel Approves Bill To Audit The Fed! Trump & Co. Move Against the Deep State

Trump was leader in calling for Brexit, claims White House PressSec Sean Spicer


President Donald Trump GREAT Speech At The Women’s Empowerment Panel

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