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Friday, March 31, 2017

Vladimir Putin says Climate Change Real, But Not Man-Made!

Putin: Climate Change Real, But Not Man-Made! - YouTube


Geoff Cutmore: President Putin, does it then seem odd or challenging at this stage that we now have an American administration that has appointed as the head of the EPA apparently somebody who doesn’t believe in the scientific judgement of how climate change happens. There is no American on the stage here. But how do we address this difficulty when the current US administration appears to be embracing policies that will only increase the ice melt and probably heat up the north even faster?

Vladimir Putin: First of all, thank God, there are Americans here. I can see Ambassador Tefft. Welcome.

Second, you know, what I am going to say now may not be very popular, but I believe President Niinistö said they will comply with all the Paris agreements. Russia is also determined to do so, just as we complied with the Kyoto Protocol.

However, as Sauli [Niinistö] said, [global] warming will continue all the same, and this is definitely the case.

What is the question? Look, as I already said, yesterday I visited Franz Josef Land. There was an Austrian researcher working there, Mr Pyer. Then he left. He described the glaciers there, among other things. About 20 years later, the future king of Italy went there and took some photos and showed them to Mr Pyer. The latter had a photographic memory. In addition, he had drawn maps, the maps of glaciers, and he discovered that during those 20 years the number of glaciers had declined.

In other words, warming had already begun. There were no such man-made factors, such emissions, at that time, but warming had already begun. The question is not how to prevent it. I agree with those who believe that the question is not how to prevent it, because this is impossible. This may have to do with some global cycles on earth or even some planetary cycles.

The question is how to adapt to it. Mr Johannesson spoke about the distribution of fish, where they go, where they appear. Research is necessary. The question is how do mankind and people who live in this region adapt to it.

So the proposals and positions of those who disagree with their opponents, including – I do not even know the name of the gentleman that you referred to… they are not so silly after all. What did he lead in America? May God give him wellbeing and success, but we should all listen to and hear each other, and only then can optimal solutions to these problems be found, and of course they exist.

Geoff Cutmore: Well, Mr President, his name is Scott Pruitt, and he is getting a lot of media coverage at the moment. And you have said that Russia will abide by the Paris accords, but does it not concern you that we don’t hear the same commitment from Washington?

Vladimir Putin: I do not think we should talk about concerns but rather about the need for compromises. I remember that Mr George Bush Jr and I used to have a very good personal relationship. I knew about his position. When he came to power, he was against these actions, including within the framework of the Kyoto Protocols. We eventually reached compromises. I believe that the same will happen now. I would not dramatize anything and would not use these factors, which are of global importance, for political infighting in the United States.

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