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Friday, March 31, 2017

X22Report Countries Begin To Prepare, But Preparing For What? - Episode 1243b

Countries Begin To Prepare, But Preparing For What? - Episode 1243b - YouTube


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Report date: 03.31.2017

Trump defends Flynn and says that he should take the immunity. The Senate Intel committee says no immunity. Senator Grassley wants to know if Hillary Clinton still has access to intel. Nunes did nothing wrong, it is normal to go to the White House to look at documents. The five eyss community does have access to other countries data and they trade this data regularly. NBC confirms that Obama did have surveillance information on Trump and Evelyn Farkas who slipped up just dug the grave. With hardly any meta-data a computer tech was able to uncover Comey's twitter account. Mattis says that NK needs to be stopped. Trump allows more troops in Somalia and relaxes the rules of engagement. Pentagon video shows that there were civilians in the building and they knew about it. Pentagon says that the people of America do not need to know how many troops are in Middle East. Russia, China and many other countries are preparing, Russia will start draft in spring.

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