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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi update 3/02/2017..TRUMP BOMBS alQuaida in YEMEN


Official: Yemen raid likely provided info for new airstrikes

45000 displaced by battles in Mokha in weeks

Huties snipers, eliminate Saudi invaders.

Saudi armored, is hit by a missile, fired by the Huties.

Yemen, armored and Saudi military base, destroyed by Huties.

Yemen, Huties, the worst nightmare of North America and Israel.

Both North America and Israel believed that the invasion of Yemen would be a walk and they would quickly take over their territory and their wealth, but they did not have the courage of the Huties, who are not only forcing the invaders to retreat, Who already penetrate Saudi territory to fight against the Saudi army and mercenaries in their own territory and have the Saudi government in a real hell.

Saudi war on Yemen caused mass displacement

Why Is Saudi King Salman Touring Asia?

Analyst says Saudi FM's visit to Iraq helps pull Baghdad out of 'Iranian occupation'

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