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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Angelique Chrisafis' Twitter report on upcoming election in #France

Angelique Chrisafis on Twitter

Angelique Chrisafis‏Verified account @achrisafis Apr 10

1/ Spent roughly two weeks talking to voters in rural central France & urban areas in S. East & West. A few things I noticed:

2/ France's mass unemployment problem came up again and again as a key source of worry & anger at the political class

3/ There was overwhelming sense of wanting to kick the current political system, send the harshest message possible in the presidential vote

4/ Many intending to vote Le Pen hadn't voted Le Pen in any election before & hadn't voted in local elections in the past 5 years.

5/ More anti EU-feeling among Le Pen and Mélenchon voters than general polls might suggest

6/ Anger at the traditional political class and total breakdown in trust for them. Distrust of media.

7/ Voters who said they were undecided didn't mean they were left-wing. There were undecided voters who said they might choose Le Pen

8/ A fluidity & wavering in choices. A trad right-wing voter who said "why not try Le Pen?" A 2012 Mélenchon voter who would choose Macron

9/ Majority said the most important thing was change. "Things have to change","Things have to be shaken up"

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