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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Colonel Cassad on the Chemical attack in Idlib

Chemical attack in Idlib - Colonel Cassad

In Syria, another "ennaya" account of the history of the use of chemical weapons.

As a result of the bombing of Idlib, 30+ people were killed and several hundred were injured by the action of a poisonous substance close in properties to sarin, which was used more than once in Syria, in particular not so long ago the Caliphate poisoned the Kurds, and in the liberated Aleppo laboratories were found, where These poisonous substances were produced.

Syrian sources claim hern-idlib-report / , that aviation in the Idlib area struck at targets, among which there were clandestine Shop for the production of chemical agents. The militants and the "White Helmets" associated with them (employees of the organization are cooperating with Al-Qaeda in particular) yell that Assad is bombing them with chemical bombs.

What can be said about this.

1. Officially, the chemical weapons from Syria were taken out and destroyed, which Obama complained of in his time, but it's only about the weapons that Assad controlled in 2014. What the militants controlled was not exported anywhere, just as no one demanded the closure of clandestine shops and laboratories for the production of chemical weapons. I refer back to the retrospective of the issue here 4687.html

It is worth mentioning that Obama attributed his services to the elimination of the chemical weapons of Syria (although this was a joint decision of Russia and the US), and the OPCW reported that Assad gave her 100% of his chemical weapons, for which he later received the Nobel Peace Prize.

2. This led to the situation when Assad was deprived of chemical weapons, and the use of chemical weapons continued. The militants used it as a rule to organize various provocations, and then declared - it's all Assad, although he did not have the chemical weapons. Kurds apparently also he poisoned. There was no clear control over the chemical weapons at the disposal of the militants, and they did not. At the official level, the West refuses to recognize that the militants still produce and store artisanal chemical weapons.

3. In this case, the incident occurs at a very convenient time - the attack of the SSA in the Northern Hama failed, the SAA launched a counter-offensive and presses the militants. Cases at the front are getting worse, in combat operations, an operational pause is needed. And then there is a very successful bombing of Idlib, which is being spun all the same "White helmets", which have already repeatedly shone in the organization of various provocations, in particular with the fake victims of the bombing of Aleppo. This script is quite a template. Similarly, 2 times tried to disrupt the assault of Aleppo. Just a reminder.

4. Assad assaults Aleppo, the militants are crouching, but suddenly unknown planes bombed the UN column. Hysterics. Shouts. We must stop the assault! We demand to condemn the crimes of Assad and Russia! These hysterics were then scored and correctly done. The time has passed, the UN commission has established that it is impossible to establish who bombed the convoy.

Similarly, they attempted to use the theme of "non-selective bombing" of Aleppo during the final stages of the assault. Again screams, tantrums! Stop the assault! Again they were beaten and again correctly done. The city is liberated.

What is noteworthy, when now the US in Mosul hurls hundreds of civilians stupidly bombarding residential quarters, where the igiloids settled, those who cried about Aleppo are silent. Those bombings, who need bombing ...

5. And now, a very convenient chemistry has turned up, which has already caused body movement at the international level - France has demanded to discuss this issue in the UN Security Council (there certainly will not be accepted, since Russia will veto any resolution where they will try to condemn Syria) . The meaning of these movements is clear - to stop the fighting in northern Hama and provide militants with an operational pause so that they can strengthen the front line on the Khalfaya-Suran-Maan line.

6. What could actually happen?

A) Syrian aviation bombed the clandestine laboratory for the production of chemical weapons, and local civilians were exposed to the poisonous substances produced there (which does not exclude the presence of an additional formulation)

B) The militants themselves sprayed gas during one of the raids of the Syrian aircraft to blame the Syrians for this and at least temporarily stop the air force raids of Syria and the Russian Federation Air Force for militant objects in the Idliba area.

C) Assad went crazy and decided to spoil everything himself, dropping the barrel with sarin to Idlib.

7. What will happen?

Nothing will happen. Like all similar episodes of this kind, after some noise in the press and at the diplomatic level and the impossibility of reliably establishing the causes of what happened, it will dissolve in the news flow from other atrocities and provocations by which the Syrian war is so rich.


More questions than answers about Idlib gas attack

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