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Sunday, April 2, 2017

ISIS update 4/02/2017..Russian night airstrikes target militants bases near the Turkish border

Russian night airstrikes target militants bases near the Turkish border

Russian Air Force Bombs Heavily Terrorists' Positions at Syria's Border with Turkey

The Russian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the movements and strongholds of two terrorist groups in Northern Idlib, inflicting major losses on them, local sources said.

According to an eye witness, at least ten airstrikes were observed around midnight on Saturday as the Russian jets targeted the positions of Ahrar Al-Sham and Jeish al-Islam near the towns of al-Kafeer and Babsqa at the country's border with Turkey.

Amid the Russian aerial bombardment, a weapons depot was blown to ashes, causing significant destruction.

In addition, Russian airstrikes targeted a military site controlled by Darayya militants who were evacuated from the Syrian capital in August, 2016.

Dozens of militants were reportedly killed by the surprise airstrikes that took the terrorists without warning due to the Russian jets attacking from an unexpected angle.

A number of pictures surfaced online showing scores of dead terrorists in the region.

Relevant reports said on Friday that the Russian Navy fired several cruise missiles off the coast of Lattakia, targeting the positions of Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board) in the Northern part of Lattakia province and Southern part of Idlib province.

The Russian cruise missiles reportedly struck several sites along the Lattakia-Idlib road on Thursday, causing significant damage on the strongholds of Tahrir al-Sham near the town of Jisr Al-Shughour in Southern Idlib.

According to a local source in Lattakia, the cruise missile strikes could be heard from as far away as the provincial capital and the Southern city of Jableh, where the Russian Air Force is stationed.

This powerful attack by the Russian Navy was in response to the rocket assault on the Humeimim Military Airbase conducted by the terrorists earlier this week.

Northern Hama Front update | April 1st 2017

Briefly over northern Hama.

March 31-April 1 SAA reached a radical turn in the ongoing battle. By the attacks of the reinforcements that arrived, the enemy rolled back north, leaving more than a dozen previously occupied settlements, including Khattab. In addition to the pressure of the SAA, the enemy was motivated by the threat of a blow to the flank, which resulted in the formation of a full-fledged boiler in the Khattab area, in which several thousand people risked remaining. As a result, the enemy withdrew to the north, but the problem of the sagging flanks did not completely solve the problem, and the threat of a strike from Ma'an to the north of Suran still persists.

The main result of the events - the militants lost the operational initiative, which passed into the hands of the SAA. Thus, the offensive of the "green" in northern Hama, in spite of the breakthrough of the front, did not bring any special dividends. Of the significant achievements they have only Suran, and it is by no means a fact that they will be able to retain it. In the rest, the grouping of militants was drawn into a full-fledged battle at the brigade level, where the advantage of the SAA in reserves, heavy equipment and aviation affected during the week, so that the battle that began unsuccessfully for the Syrians ultimately allowed the militants to be dragged into the battle in those conditions when The army managed to realize its obvious advantages, despite all the problems with the quality of infantry and the initial problems with the stabilization of the front. The inability to ensure the further development of operations towards Khama after the capture of Khattab and Artsakh led to the braking of the offensive, and the unsuccessful fighting at Komkhan buried ambitious militant plans.

A major role in this was played by the Russian military advisers and the Russian Federation Civil Aviation Commission, which properly supported the operations of the SAA. The Iranian clientele also did not stand aside. As a result, the temporary operational crisis has been traditionally overcome and in the situation even prospects for further actions aimed at inflicting a complete defeat of the An-Nusra group in Northern Hama appear. However, it is too early to throw out the bonnets, the battle is in full swing, the militants, despite the setbacks, retain an acceptable morale and are ready to resist, especially since the militant grouping concentrated south of El Latmina is the equivalent of about 3 mechanized infantry brigades with a pair Tank mouths that have yet to be grinded.

On the whole, it is gratifying that the Syrians once again stoically accepted the initial failure and, with the help of the allies, once again busily solve the problems. There were already many such crises. They will be in the future. Some may even end with resentful lesions. But this is a war and without this will not happen. The main thing is that the general dynamics of such operations in the overwhelming majority of such crises are ultimately in favor of Assad. Even failing at a tactical and operational level, strategically Assad continues to strengthen his positions, expanding the controlled territory. Successful completion of operations in northern Hama will also serve to strengthen this trend, which arose in the fall of 2015.Syria's Khattab residents return after town liberation

Rojava News: Civillists flee from Tabqa to SDF areas

Syrian Army discovers, destroys rebel tunnels in northeast Damascus

Kurdistan flag at Kirkuk govt. buildings banned


Syrian Army Continues to Hit Terrorist Centers Hard in Dara'a City

Russian Air Force Bombs Heavily Terrorists' Positions at Syria's Border with Turkey

ISIL's Long Military Column Destroyed in Syrian Army Attack in Hama

200 Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Airstrikes amid ISIL Assault to Break Tal Afar Siege

Syrian Army Kicks off Fresh Anti-Terrorism Offensive in Northern Hama

Syrian Army Preparing for Large-Scale Anti-Terrorism Operation in Northern Hama

Hama: Terrorists' Military Grid Sustains Major Damage in Syrian Army Attack

Syrian Soldiers Ward off Terrorists' Large-Scale Offensive in Lattakia

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