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Sunday, April 23, 2017

ISIS update 4/23/2017...Halfaya freed

A report from the liberated Halfaya

SAA carry out intensive bombard to the northwest of Halfaya.

Tiger Forces Burn Al-Qaeda in N. Hama

Jihadi's step up ATGM attacks at the Northern Hama Front

SAA+VKS restored control over Tibet al-Imam town and the surrounding areas in Hama province.

Helfaya freed

Situation of militants in the Northern Hama continues to deteriorate rapidly. After the defeat in the battles for Tabyat al-Imam, there was more than a direct threat to the advancement of the SAA to Morek and El-Latin, as well as the encirclement of militants in the area of ​​Helfaya. In view of this, the command of the militants was forced to withdraw to the north, throwing Helfaya (for which long time there were heavy fights) and positions to the east of it.

"An-Nusra" once again announced full mobilization due to the growing collapse of the defense in northern Hama. And it can be understood - up to Marek and El-Latamin SAA there were about 3-4 kilometers left, and positions there for the first time already are equal to the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force, preparing the ground for the complete defeat of the militants in the El-Latinsky ledge. The militants will have to take very serious steps to rest in the area of ​​El-Latamin and Morek - the defeat in these battles may have longer-term consequences for them, related to the advance of the front line to Khan-Sheikhun with the prospect of further operations already in the province of Idlib itself.

The militants complain of very strong artillery fire and air strikes. It is necessary to understand that losses as a result of such fire action are more than significant. In fact, the story repeats itself with the battle for Ramuseh, where the militants also succumbed to a prolonged battle of attrition, which resulted in their operational reserves being burned and the consequences of the weeks-long bombardment fully consumed.

Israel attacks Syrian military camp in Golan

Assad: Whenever army make gains, US interfere in favor of terrorists

Mosul's snatch squads looking for ISIS suspects

Battle for Mosul Day 187: Iraqi Forces Retake Two More Western Districts

The comprehensive military campaign by Iraqi military forces to liberate the Northern city of Mosul from ISIL militants continued on Sunday, as local reports said government troops have captured two more districts West of the city.

Hundreds Flee Mosul as Iraqi Forces Retake Two Western Districts

Hundreds of people fled Mosul after Iraqi forces retook two more districts in the West of the city from ISIL, Iraqi media said on Monday.

Families arrived from Hay al-Tanak district which they said was still half controlled by the militants, NRT reported.

"There were artillery and mortars shelling and airstrikes all the night and we waited impatiently for the sun to rise to flee. We lost everything," one woman said sitting in cart with children, which was being pulled by two men.

42 Iraqi Civilians Executed over Refusal to Join ISIL in Mosul

ISIL militants killed 42 civilians in Mosul as they refused to join the group, a parliamentary source from Nineveh province said.

“ISIL executed 42 men who refused to join the group in Mosul,” the source added, Iraqi News reported.

“The militants in Mosul are looking for women to get them involved in the so-called jihadul Nikah and they kill whoever refuse to joint the group,” the source said.

Iraq Federal Police: 20 ISIL Leaders Killed, 63 Targets Controlled in Western Mosul since February

Iraqi Federal Police declared controlling 63 targets and killed 20 senior ISIL militants since operations started in February to liberate the Western side of Mosul.

“Since beginning of operations in Western Mosul, troops were able to evacuate 3,865 families and 260,000 civilians from the hot spots. 3,630 families composed of 22,193 members were returned back to their houses at the liberated regions. 50,000 food baskets were offered to the displaced,” Federal Police Chief Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat said in a statement, Iraqi News reported.

“More than 20 ISIL leaders were killed, while 63 targets were retaken. 274 square kilometers were freed. 350 booby-trapped vehicles were destroyed,” he added.

ISIL Sniper Trainer Killed in Western Mosul

Iraqi Air Force carried out a number of combat sorties over terrorists' strongholds in Western part of Mosul in Nineveh province and killed one of the most notorious commander of the ISIL Takfiri group.

A security source, requesting anonymity, said Iraqi military aircraft had carried out an airstrike against the Southern flank of al-Sihha district, killing a high-ranking ISIL commander.

The source added that the slain commander, identified as Abu Abdullah al-Kuwaiti, was in charge of training ISIL snipers.

Iraqi Army, in the course of its special military operation to liberate Mosul, recaptured more strategic regions in Nineveh province and came closer to the last bastions of ISIL terrorists in the Western part of the strategic city, hitting hard the positions of the ISIL terrorist group near the historic Great Mosque of al-Nuri.

ISIL Uses Chemical Weapons in Western Mosul Again

ISIL terrorist group launched another chemical attack in a region in Western part of Mosul in Nineveh province, killing and severely wounding several Iraqi soldiers and civilians.

Iraqi military source disclosed that mortars loaded with mostard gas were fired at al-Surah neighborhood on Saturday, killing at least six and injuring twelve others.

The ISIL militants have used chemical weapons several times against the Iraqi soldiers and civilians in the city of Mosul, since the army troops started the special operation to recapture terrorist group's de facto capital.


Al-Nusra Continues Vast Withdrawal of Forces from Hama under Syrian Army Heavy Attacks

Syrian, Russian Warplanes Launch Heavy Strikes on Terrorists' Movements in Homs

Non-Syrian ISIL Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army's Fresh Advances in Deir Ezzur

Syrian Soldiers Score More Victories against Terrorists in Hama

Syrian Soldiers Make Fresh Advances in Eastern Damascus, Tens of Terrorists Killed, Wounded

Syrian Army Captures Largest Bastion of Al-Nusra Terrorists in Northern Hama

Terrorists to Use US-Made Missiles to Slow Down Syrian Army Advances in Western Aleppo

Al-Nusra Retreats from Key Position in Eastern Damascus

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