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Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump update 4/14/2017...Like A Good Boss Hogg

Trump hails "very successful" bombing mission in Afghanistan

Colorized Video Of MOAB Bomb Blast In Afghanistan

Trump in Florida amid escalating tensions

From Russia to NATO: Trump shifts stance on key campaign positions

Trump’s policy unstable, depends on who’s advising him at any moment - Ron Paul

Anthony Cumia About Trump's Foreigh Policy

US oligarchs have taken control of Trump administration: Analyst

Even With President Trump, It's Never Been More Important to Prepare!!!

Inside Trumps War with Robert David Steele

Trump Is Like A Good Boss Hogg

We're Done! CNN Don Lemon Cuts Off Jeffrey Lord for Comparing Pres Trump to Martin Luther King

I am having faith in President TRUMP again & here's why
Roland Outside The Matrix Eskey

President Trump's Weekly Address -- 4/14/17

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