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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump update 4/26/2017...100-day milestone

How the media are covering Trump's 100-day milestone

Coffee with Scott Adams Grading Trumps First 100 Days

Economic Crisis: The Clock Is Ticking on America’s Debt Bomb and It’s About to Speed Up

MUST WATCH: President Trump's NEW Tax Plan REVEALED - FULL Press Conference feat. Mnuchin and Cohn

Dobbs: Paul Ryan screwed up the repeal, replacement of ObamaCare

The Globalist Coalition Against Trump Exposed

Trump Cabinet Complete, Deep State Crumbling

The Deep State Transcends Sovereign Law - John Titus

Trump Fan Wants CNN "Globalists" Hanged

Media Fascism - Media Attacks Pres Donald Trump


Senators Arrive at the White House for North Korea briefing

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