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Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 European Elections and the Populists

2017 European Elections and the Populists - YouTube



There are many elections this year. And each in its own way is important, as all elections are. However some seem to be ascribing a sort of mystical element to this year, suggesting this year to have incredibly far reaching implications for human history, or rather, European history. That this year is the year of the people standing up and fighting the establishment, or conversely, the year people started embracing their baser instincts and populism flourished. To what extent is this true though? Honestly, for the sake of viewer traffic, I wish one of them were, but really, neither proposition is. Populism hasn’t flourished in 2017, but it hasn’t died either. Well, not in a general sense. In some places it faltered, in other places it stayed about the same, and in other places it rose a bit.

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