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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grishanov's vid deleted by youtube re uploaded

Артём Гришанов - Закройте свои рты / Shut up your mouth / War in Syria (English subtitles) - YouTube


Grishanov says Reloading the movie, because earlier it deleted YouTube. It
will not be possible to restore it, because there is no one who
complained, there is no one to argue with and to find common ground.
The stretched reason - terrible shots, but I had more terrible clips, and YouTube just put a restriction on age. In this case, just removed the video, I think everyone understands why. But
if the truth of someone scared the shots, I covered them, even where
there was just a drop of blood, because the terrible shots and so were
smeared out initially.
let's check what really scares them: the presence of tin in the frame
or the fact that I abused someone, thanks to this video, and prevented
me from living, and this is another reason to block this movie
I would be grateful if you scatter this video wherever you can.

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