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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ISIS update 5/02/2017...SDF capture Centre Tabqa and tear IS flag down

US troops patrolling in Derik to deter attacks from Turkey

Erdogan threatens more strikes on US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria

Turkish Dictator Erdoğan Demands U.S. Stop Supporting The Kurds In Their Fight Against ISIS

US-Turkey relations deteriorate over Kurdish question

U.S.-Backed Fighters Corner ISIS In Syria's Tabqa

SDF capture Centre Tabqa and tear IS flag down

Fall Tabs - Colonel Cassad

By the end of the day on May 1, Americans and Kurds almost completely took Tabka. According to official statements, more than 90% of the city is freed from the militants of the Caliphate. Those who stayed settled in the northern districts of the city adjacent to the dam and continue to resist, which has little impact. The suppression of resistance to the south of the dam and the northern outskirts of Tabka is a matter of a few days and depends more on whether Americans want to capture the rest of the city without violent destruction or if the militants are waiting for a couple of days of tough handling.

The release of Tabka will allow the Americans and Kurds to more actively develop operations south of Rakka with the aim of encircling it, so today's success (prepared by the weeks of previous battles) is an important step towards preparing a direct assault on Rakka. The American strategy associated with the environment of Rakki, albeit with a creak, but works. The militants can only slow down the implementation of this plan, but do not disrupt it.

And more on the Kurdish theme

In Africa, the Russian military police lit up. This has already given rise to various rumors on the deployment of Russian bases in Africa to protect local Kurds, but so far it is more a demonstration of the flag and a signal to Erdogan that it is not necessary to climb too much into Afrin.

May 2, 2017: Russia Setting Up Military Installations In YPG-held Area

ISIL on Verge of Collapse in Northeastern Syria under Heavy Attacks of Kurdish Forces

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued to hit ISIL's positions in al-Tabaqa city in Western Raqqa and drove the terrorists out of more positions near the group's de facto capital in Syria.

The SDF engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL and managed to take control over a large part of al-Tabaqa city in recent days, forcing the ISIL militants to withdraw from several neighborhoods of the key city.

The Kurdish forces seized control over most of al-Tabaqa’s Northern Industrial Zone, putting them in a position to reach the city center within the next few days.

Abdul Qader Hafideli, one of the field commanders of SDF, said that only 10 percent of al-Tabaqa city is under ISIL's control now, adding that the Kurdish forces will soon take control over the entire city.

Kurdish forces' Spokesman Talal Salou, meantime, said that the SDF fighters have managed to drive ISIL out of another neighborhood in al-Tabaqa called Old City.

According to al-massdar news, if the Industrial Zone of al-Tabaqa falls to the SDF, the ISIL militants inside the city will likely withdraw in order to preserve the lives of the remaining fighters. However, the fall of al-Tabaqa would be devastating for the ISIL, as the city is one of the terrorist group’s last strongholds along the Raqqa-Aleppo Highway.

Once al-Tabaqa falls into SDF hands, the Kurdish fighters will seek to explore pincers en route to Raqqa, the self-proclaimed ISIL capital.

Kurds had established control over all strategic highways leading to ISIL's de facto capital of Raqqa in April.

"We have cut all the strategic ways of supplying ISIL. We have cut the connection with Iraq, freeing the way to Deir Ezzur and have gained control over the Eastern part of the province of Raqqa. With the attack on al-Tabaqa, all the supply routes have been finally cut, we also established control of the roads of Raqqa-Tabaqa and Raqqa-Damascus," Kurdish news agency Firat quoted SDF Spokeswoman Cihan Şêx Ehmed as saying.

She added that the SDF continue their offensive in the Northern part of the Raqqa province.

"Now ISIL cannot replenish its forces and ammunition. They are besieged in Raqqa from four sides," she stressed.

According to SDF data, ISIL militants are retreating to the city of Raqqa and are preparing to conduct battles in the city, while The Kurdish-led forces, in turn, continue to attack the city.

Syrian Democratic Forces started a military Operation 'Euphrates Rage' to take control over Raqqa from ISIL in November 2016.

Relevant reports said on Monday that The SDF forces heavily clashed with ISIL militants in al-Tabaqa city in Western Raqqa, gaining control over the three districts of Bu Issa, Hassou and al-Salam.

They also killed 48 ISIL members and held 5 others captive.

The SDF also seized a large number of weapons, ammunitions and equipment, including 3 tanks, 2 BMP vehicles and several Grad missiles.

Jack Posobiec: Trump’s Syria Strategy Explained

Syria strike was ‘tough decision, because you can kill wrong people too’ - Trump

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Deir ez-Zor: Syrian Garrison Tries to Break Out From Being Surrounded

Iraqi forces rescue 36 Izadis captured by Daesh

Iraqi women take up arms to protect village from IS militants

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Army Moves to Confront US-British-Jordan Plan in Southern Syria
Turkey, Qatar Fighting Proxy War against S. Arabia in Eastern Damascus
Aleppo: Syrian Army Deploys Fresh Soldiers in Russian Base near Border with Turkey
Syrian Soldiers in Tough Battle in Northern Hama
Popular Forces Ready to Back Syrian Army in Northwestern Aleppo
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