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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ISIS update 5/03/2017...ISIS murders more than 50 innocent civilians in a camp in Hasakah

ISIS murders more than 50 innocent civilians in a camp in Hasakah

Aleppo-Afrin: dangerous path to help people.

Russian surgeons save lives of many civilians in Aleppo

Rojava News: SDF forces fight ISIS militants inside Tabqa City

IDP from Raqqa We've escaped from the repression of ISIS

Homs: SAA+VKS restored control over 3 villages and several strategic hills

Homs: positional fighting of SAA against NATO mercenaries | 03.05.2017

Syrian government forces capture territory in Homs province

Aid convoys enter rebel-held Douma in rural Damascus

The different actors fighting in Ghouta

Lebanese army intensifies crackdown on ISIL


Trump and Putin discuss Syria during 'very constructive call' - Tillerson

May 3, 2017: Russia Expands Advise And Assist Mission In Syria

Syria’s armed opposition suspends participation in Astana peace talks

Russia-Germany talks: Putin urges impartial probe into Syria chemical attack

Khan Sheikhoun Faking Victims of Chemical Attack Trauma

Off Script: Remapping the World

Shut up your mouth / War in Syria

Clashes continue on the Iraq Syria border between Iraqi forces and ISIS

Kurdish flags fly high from govt. buildings in Kirkuk amidst intl. outcry

Iraq PMU with Iranians in fierce hard firefight with ISIS

Footage inside Mosul Federal Police counter an ISIS attack

Mosul IDPs recount the horrors of ISIS brutality


Syrian Army Utilizing New Model of Advanced Missile-Launchers in War on Terrorists

Syrian Soldiers Make Fresh Gains in Street-Battle against Terrorists in Eastern Damascus

Syrian Army Enters More Towns in Western Damascus, Ends Terrorists' Presence West of Qalamoun

ISIL Withdraws from More Positions under Syrian Army Attacks in Homs

Idlib: White Helmets Make another Fake Clip to Accuse Syrian Army of Attacking Civilians

Syria: ISIL Executes More Own Members in Deir Ezzur on Treason Charges

200 US Soldiers, Military Advisors Arrive at Syria-Iraq Borders

Damascus: Senior Commander of Jeish Al-Islam Killed in Intensified

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