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Sunday, May 21, 2017

ISIS update 5/21/2017...Iraqis shoot at US-led coalition jet near al-Tanf

'Drive them out!' - Trump speaks on terrorism during first overseas trip as POTUS

Syria Militants begin evacuating town in Syria's Homs

Last militants leave Al-Waer District in Homs

SDF fighters advance towards Raqqa

South of Palmyra - Colonel Cassad

There are reports that Russian special forces are deployed to the south of Syria to the Jordanian border, where not so long ago 5927.html the struggle between the US and Iran for the control over the border areas intensified.

This week, immediately after the US Air Force attack on the escorted pro-government forces, units of the Airborne Forces and the Northern Ossetian MTR arrived in the south of Syria to the province of Suweida. About this night, Al-Masdar News agency was informed by a source in the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Russian servicemen will serve as military advisers, and will also help Syrian government troops prevent any re-aggression by American and Jordanian military forces wedged into the provinces of Suweida and Homs.

Some sources in southern Syria say that the Russian army plans to establish a military base at the border of the province of Suweida with Jordan, but AMN can not verify the accuracy of this information.

Also spread rumors about the transfer to the south of Syria, the 31st separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade of the RF Armed Forces. Before the connection, the alleged task was to provide direct support to Syria's government army in forcing out the enemy and restoring control over the Syrian-Iraqi border. There are no reliable data on this at this time.

Https:// sian-forces-arrive-southern-syria / # - zinc (on the title page, Russian flag in East Suwayda)

If the information is confirmed, then Russia with this race 9186.html acts in concert with Iran and plans to clean up the border with Jordan are of a complex nature.

The contours of the summer campaign of 2017 - Colonel Cassad


It is quite clumsy graphically, but very realistic, from the point of view of planning the CAA and Co map for the summer campaign of 2017.

Main directions:

1. Occupation of the western and south-western part of the province of Rakka.

2. The displacement of IG from East Homs and Eastern Hama. The complete neutralization of the threat of the Hanasser-Aleppo road.

3. Trekking to Deir ez Zor.

4. The advance east from Palmyra to Abu-Kemal, with the subsequent exit to the Syrian-Iraqi border.

5. Completion of the strategic encirclement of the "green" enclave in East Kalamun. Full displacement of IG from this zone.

6. Advancement to At-Tanfu. Exit to the border with Iraq. Occupying part of the border with Jordan.

The plans are very ambitious, but almost all of them are under implementation or preparation for implementation. The summer campaign promises significant changes in the map of the Syrian fronts, but it should be remembered that the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Caliphate have their own plans for the summer campaign, so it's beautiful (in this case not very) Necessarily coincide with reality.

Iraqi Units Open Fire at US Jets Operating over Syrian Desert

Footage emerged on Saturday of Iraqi pro-government fighters using anti-aircraft weaponry to shoot at US-led coalition jet near al-Tanf border crossing in Southeastern Homs, media sources reported.

An amateur video released by a fighter of the Badr Movement, an Iraqi contingent, showed that the Iraqi pro-government forces opened heavy fire at the coalition's fighter jet.

The Badr Movement operates alongside the Syrian Army, Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), 313 Forces (Syrian militia), the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, Harakat al-Abdal (Iraqi paramilitary), Kata’ib al-Imam Ali (Iraqi paramilitary), Kata’ib Hezbollah (Iraqi paramilitary) along the Damascus-Baghdad highway.

A report said on Friday that the Syrian Army sent a large number of fresh forces to the Damascus-Baghdad highway in the Southern part of the country to reinforce contingents bombed by the United States Air Force on Thursday.

The newly arrived reinforcements would spearhead a drive towards the al-Tanf border crossing with Iraq alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, Imam Al-Ali Battalions (Iraqi paramilitary) and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (Syrian paramilitary), AMN reported.

However, government forces must stiffen their salient East of Damascus and deploy anti-aircraft units if they were to avoid renewed attacks from US jets and US-trained Free Syrian Army (FSA) proxies lurking in the vast Syrian desert.

Meanwhile, the army units were also advancing against FSA militants in Eastern Sweida, capturing a large swath of rural territory on Thursday.

Over 100 Syrian soldiers were killed by US airstrikes, mostly at Deir Ezzur, over the 12 months.

Iraqi president says Mosul will be freed in coming days

Iraqi volunteer forces recapture two airbases from ISIS terrorists

Four More Villages Liberated by Iraqi Troops West of Mosul

The Iraqi volunteer forces liberated several villages in Qairawan region and blocked an ISIL's supply route, West of Mosul.

Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces, Hashd al-Shaabi, said in a statement that the troops retook villages of al-Mesabas, al-Niliya, Sadet Zawbaa and Thara al-Owaiset in South of Qairawan. “Huge losses in lives and equipments were inflicted on the enemy,” Iraqi News reported.

“The troops cut off an ISIL supply route that extends between al-Hatmiya and Tal Qasab, North of Qairawan,” according to the statement.

Many villages in Qairawan region, a main ISIL bastion which links between Tal Afar town and the Syrian borders, have been freed since the troops launched an offensive on May 12 to free the region. Last week the troops announced liberated of Sahl Sinjar airbase, located south of Qairawan, in addition to cutting off a main supply route between the freed Tal Banat village and Qairawan.

The eastern side of Mosul was recaptured in January following three months of battles. Another offensive was launched in February to recapture the western flank of the city.

Last week, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, the military spokesperson said 89.5 percent of western Mosul was liberated with only a few districts remaining under the militants’ control.

Iraqi commanders predict recapturing the remaining parts of the city this month.

ISIL Terrorists' Mass Killing of Civilians Turns Syria's Deir Ezzur into Bloodbath

Tens of Gunmen, Family Members Leave Homs for Northern, Northwestern Syria

Syria: Hundreds of Gunmen, Family Members Evacuated from Northern Damascus

Russian Special Forces Arrive in Southern Syria after Recent US Air Raid on Army Convoy

ISIL Continues Vast Withdrawal of Forces from Aleppo under Heavy Attacks of Syrian Army

Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

ISIL's Centers in Deir Ezzur Receive Severe Blow in Syrian Airstrikes  

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