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Saturday, May 27, 2017

ISIS update 5/27/2017...'Coalition strikes kill 106 civilians' in Al Mayadeen

'Coalition strikes kill 106 civilians' in Al Mayadeen

Latest US-led airstrikes kill at least 106 civilians in Syria

UN decries Syrian civilian casualties in airstrikes

Kurdish forces allow ISIS to escape Raqqa towards Palmyra – Russian Defense Ministry source

Russian Air force destroyed a large convoy belonging to the so-called Islamic State militants in the Desert, that was moving from Raqqah to Palmyra... A convoy of 39 trucks equipped with large-calibre machine guns was heading from Raqqah to the ancient city of Palmyra... 32 pick up trucks were destroyed and some 120 Isis militants were killed ad the result of the Airstrikes... Also the video shows the aftermath of the Airstrikes and lots of weapons and motorbikes captured by the Syrian Army...

Russian Air Force VAPORIZES 120 ISIS Militants & 32 Pick-up Trucks on Their Way to Palmyra From Raqa

Additional combat footage of the destruction of the column of ISIS near Palmyra.

Strategic changes in central Syria - Colonel Cassad

Yesterday, a huge territory was cleared south of the Palmyra-Tijas route, which has great strategic consequences. The southern flank of the leading offensive group in the Palmyra area has been secured, the threat of raids from the south to the communication lines of the advancing group has been eliminated, all the threat to El-Karateinu has been completely eliminated, the militants in East Kalamun are completely cut off from their "colleagues" operating in the Jordanian border area, For the further liberation of the central and southern regions of Syria + one should expect the activation of the SAA operations in Eastern Homs to cut off the ledge to the north of Tiyas.

The territory was occupied without large battles, the Caliphate openly began to withdraw troops to the east, and the SAA began to occupy a few settlements and road interchanges, which strengthens the position of Assad in central Syria. Along the way, aviation worked on retreating fighters, crushing one of the columns. After recent successes, Assad controls the maximum territory since 2014 and there is every reason to believe that in the near future, he will continue to grow liberated territory.

By the end of the spring of 2017, it turned out that the Caliphate did not have enough strength to keep large areas and defend its large cities, so the Baghdadi mini empire is starting to shrink more and more, which can not but rejoice. However, it is too early to write off the Caliphate, where he will be able to concentrate significant forces, he is still quite capable of delivering powerful enough blows, including operational targets.

Simultaneously, the advancement of the SAA continues along the Syrian-Jordanian border. It is quite obvious that the Russian-Iranian coalition uses the fact that the truce in Astana makes it possible to throw serious forces against the Caliphate, sharply increased its military presence in central and southern Syria, as a result of which huge territories are often freed even without serious resistance from the enemy. Of course, all these huge colored "dumplings" on the map, in practice, boil down to control over a fairly rough road network and a few townships. But at the same time, the control of this territory approximates the task of establishing control over part of Syria's state border and at the same time accelerates the expulsion of the forces of the Caliphate from South Syria, and also creates further prerequisites for the development of the operation with the goal of the de-blockade of Deir ez Zor.

At the same time, the advance of the SAA east of Aleppo is developing. The army continues to "fold" the militants' front south of Jira air base, accentuated by advancing to the south, which will lead to the elimination of the threat from the Caliphate for the route Hanasser-Aleppo. At the same time, the militants' defense in the settlements on the southern bank of the Euphrates is being hacked, with the prospect of moving towards the American enclave near Tabka.

In general, things are going. We can visually observe how the political gains achieved by Russia and Iran in Astana, in practice, are converted into significant changes on the fronts of the Syrian war.

And this is not the last pleasant change on the map of the Syrian fronts, which we will see in the coming months. However, it is always worth remembering that it is possible to intensify military operations in Hama, west of Aleppo, in East Gut and Deraa (where the fighting itself did not cease), which may require the SAA and its allies to reduce the rate of offensive operations and the transfer of part of the forces to More traditional fronts. Well, about Deir-ez-Zor should not be forgotten, the enclave is still in a very difficult situation. But while there is a kind of window of opportunity, they need to use the maximum, which strengthens both the positions of Assad and the Russian-Iranian coalition.

"Assad must leave," "Russia flees Syria," and all that ...

Syrian Arab Army securing southern border, 27 May 2017

Syrian army advancing towards Jordanian border

Homs: SAA liberated Mahsa area that connects Homs eastern countryside with Qalamoun

Syrian Arab Army restarted its military operation in East Ghouta region Damascus countryside, after a brief hiatus... Units of the 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard, alongside with Palestine Liberation Army (P.L.A), and National Defense Forces (N.D.F), launched a powerful attack on Islamist-held positions in Beit Nayem Town and its surroundings...

As a result of intense clashes with Jihadist militants, Government forces were able to advance capturing a string of positions and reaching outskirts of the Town... Beit Nayem is located on the Southern edge of militant-held East Ghouta enclave...

Ten days ago it already became a target of the Syrian Army attack; However, Government forces were not able to capture the Town back then as they had faced fierce Resistance of the militants...

Multiple violations of the de-escalation agreement by Islamist in the area made this Town a legal aim for an assault...

Besides, Beit Nayem is partially controlled by Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham(Syrian Al-Qaeda branch) Jihadist-group which is not part of the agreement and it a legal target by all means...

Nationwide Blitz
OZ Analysis

 Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Regains Control of More Areas in Homs

The Syrian army continued its advances in Homs, and captured more strategic regions in the province.

The army units drove the ISIL terrorists out of key areas and their surrounding areas in Homs province.

The Syrian troops inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in fierce clashes over controlling of strategic regions. They also destroyed military equipment of the terrorists.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.


Fields sources confirmed on Friday that the Syrian Army forces engaged in clashes with terrorists in Southern and Eastern Homs and managed to retake control over vast regions after inflicting major losses on the militants.

The sources said that the army soldiers engaged in though battle with terrorists in Palmyra battlefield in Eastern Homs and also in Southern Homs and drove terrorists completely out of the Southern territories of Homs, shaking hands with their comrades that had started their anti-terrorism operation from Saba'a Bayar region and had advanced towards Northern Damascus.

The sources went on to say that the army forces that arrived in Saba'a Bayar managed to take control over 5,000 sq/km of land.

Another military source said that the army troops and their supporting forces pushed terrorists back from al-Mahaseh region and several hills in its surrounding areas that connect Eastern Homs to Eastern Qalamoun.

Deir Ezzur

Local sources in the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur confirmed that a large number of ISIL terrorists were killed and several others were wounded after a long tunnel of the militants was discovered and detonated by the Syrian Army Forces.

The army men discovered a 25-meter long and 1m-wide tunnel of ISIL in al-Movazafin neighborhood of Deir Ezzur city and detonated it, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying one of their gathering centers.

Meantime, the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat flights over ISIL's defense lines and movements in the Southwestern outskirts of Deir Ezzur city, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The army aircraft bombed heavily ISIL's concentration centers and movements in Badiyeh (desert) 37, Panorama farms and al-Hajif region, killing and wounding a number of militants and destroying their equipment.

In the meantime, sources in Homs province said that after the army's eye-catching advances from Eastern Homs to Eastern Qalamoun and taking control over 5,000 sq/km of land, the ISIL faced collapse of its front in the region and started to set fire at its military vehicles and equipment before pulling back its forces from the battlefield.


The Syrian Army troops continued their anti-ISIL operations in Northeastern Damascus, stretching their chain of security around the strategic al-Seen military airport, informed sources said.

The sources reported that the army troops continued to advance against terrorists affiliated to Ahmad Abdou and Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Qalamoun, laying siege on the terrorists in the region.

They added that recent advances of the army soldiers in Eastern Qalamoun killed the terrorist groups' chances for penetrating into Badiyeh (desert) al-Sham and Badiyeh Homs to threaten al-Seen airbase.

Rouhani, Putin stress fighting terror in Syria

Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul

Iraqi forces eye Mosul’s Old City, ask civilians to evacuate

Woman lost husband after she escaped from ISIS-held areas in Mosul

Terrorists Fail to Prevail over Syrian Army Positions in Sweida
Syrian Army Discovers US, Israeli Missiles, Munitions in Terrorists' Positions in Homs
Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo
Deir Ezzur: Several ISIL Members Killed by Unknown Attackers, Tensions Intensified in Terrorist Front
Syria: ISIL, Kurdish Fighters Agree on Withdrawing Gunmen from Raqqa
Syrian Army Utilizing Russia-Made Tank-Killer Missiles in War on Terrorism
Syrian Army Scores More Victories against Terrorists in Eastern Homs
ISIL's Defense Lines in Deir Ezzur Targeted Badly by Syrian Army's Heavy Fire

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