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Sunday, May 28, 2017

ISIS update 5/28/2017... US, Britain Withdraw Forces from Al-Tanf

Syrian army makes further gains in Homs

Russian Officers Prevented Terrorists From Breaking Through Into Palmyra

Russian helicopters attacked ISIS position near Palmyra

The Syrian Arab Army with Russian Air support Mil M8-24 attack on the so-called Islamic State positions East of Palmyra

US, Britain Withdraw Forces from Al-Tanf Border-Crossing in Southern Syria

Field sources reported that the US and British Armies have pulled half of their forces out of al-Tanf region, moving them to Jordanian territories.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news quoted field sources as saying that the US and Britain have evacuated half of their forces that were deployed in Syria's al-Tanf border region, relocating them to Jordan.

In the meantime, social networks affiliated to the Syrian Army reported that the US and British forces that are backing the terrorists of Aswad al-Sharqiyeh and Jeish al-Thowreh have left their bases in the two regions of Hamimeh and Sukri in Eastern Homs.

The sources said that the US forces retreated via al-Tanf border-crossing towards Iraq and the British forces left al-Tanf for Jordan.

The sources also said that the entire patrolling groups of the US and British forces have left the border lines.

Arab media outlets said on Tuesday that the Russian armored units entered regions along the Syria-Jordan border to fortify the Syrian Army's border posts and positions and seal the borderline.

The sources said that a Russian Mountain Operation Brigade battalion arrived in the Southern provinces of Dara'a and Sweida. The sources further added that the Russian battalion was duty bound to fortify the Syrian Army positons in the region and seal the country's border overlooking Jordan where the Syrian forces recently gained the upper hand.

Russia and Turkey to agree on "de-escalation zones" in Syria

The leaders of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, held telephone talks on Saturday over the course of which they discussed settling the Syrian crisis and noted the importance of agreeing on aspects of a memorandum on establishing de-escalation zones.

“While discussing the Syrian crisis, the importance of soon agreeing on the practical aspects of adopting a memorandum on establishing de-escalation zones in the Syrian Arab Republic was emphasized,” the Kremlin’s press release reads.

The two sides stressed that these measures will contribute to strengthening the ceasefire and improving the effectiveness of inter-Syrian talks in the Geneva and Astana formats.

Briefly about Syria - Colonel Cassad

On Friday, a 22-year-old specialist of the 75th Ranger Battalion of the US Army Etienne Murphy was killed near Rakka.

And there are different interpretations about the causes of death - according to one version, he himself crashed on an off-road car, on the other - he died during a fight with the militants of the Caliphate.

The official version - was killed when the car was turned over. It is worth noting that by the age of 22 he had a decent enough number of regalia.

It should also be noted that yesterday in Syria, the Syrian military was shot down by an American reconnaissance drone.

The US, in turn, on Thursday killed 35 civilians in northern Syria during another "mistake" with the air strike oalition-strikes-illegal / .

Also worth noting is the appearance of photos from the militants' camp in the At-Tanf area, where the Americans are training the militants allegedly "to fight the Caliphate" as-entered-southern-syria- To-train-moder ate-rebels / 5589361

Well, briefly on the development of the situation under Racco.

The SAA continues to advance south and southwest of Jira. The front to the south of the militants does not hold at all, so I think in June we will be able to see a kind of "meeting on the Euphrates," which may even receive some media coverage when we say for demonstration of "unity in the fight against terror," somewhere to West of Tabka, there will be a meeting of the Russian military police from Aleppo and American units stationed in the area of ​​Tabka. In fact, there is only one serious obstacle to this advance - the position of militants in the Maskan area. If militants decide to keep the city, it is not necessary that they will be stormed directly - there is always an opportunity to go around it to the south and continue moving along the Aleppo-Taba road.

Maskana, this is essentially the last major settlement in the province of Aleppo controlled by the Caliphate. The key question is how the territory will be redistributed in black color between the SAA and the Kurds and where the formal line of demarcation will pass.  

Iraqi army begins final push to free Mosul from Isis

Iraqi Security forces I.S.F are storming the last the so-called Islamic State bastion in the city of Mosul-the Old Mosul area, and the Neighborhoods of Al-Shafaa and Al-Zinjili... Isis maintains stiff Resistance but its members are in no-win situation... The advance is ongoing amid multiple U.S-led coalition Airstrikes in the area...

Up to 20 civilians have reportedly killed in the recent Airstrikes, by the U.S-led coalition in Old Mosul...

The Iraqi military set-up a floating Bridge across the Tigris River in order to connect the Western and Eastern parts of the city... The Bridge will increase troop deployment capabilities of I.S.F ahead of the final push on the Isis-held area... All five Bridges in the city were destroyed by the U.S-led coalition Airpower... In the video Iraqi Security forces in action and street-to-street fight against the so-called Islamic State in Old Mosul city...

Penta... gone? $2bn of equipment sent to Iraq failed to be accounted - report


Homs: Syrian Army Gives Terrorists Last Ultimatum to End Fight against Gov't Forces

Source: Syrian Army's Large-Scale Advances in Homs Province Key to Enter Strategic Region at Border with Iraq

Sweida: Syrian Army Makes Fresh Advance against Terrorists, Downs US Army Drone

Syrian Army at Gates of Last ISIL Stronghold in Aleppo Province

Pakistani Commander of Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition Mulling Resignation

ISIL Dispatches Fresh Terrorists to Aleppo to Slow down Syrian Army's Rapid Advances

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