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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 5/27/2017...inmates suspend hunger strike after 40 days

Palestinian inmates in Israel suspend hunger strike after 40 days

Palestine goes on world's largest hunger strike

..... With such injustice being carried out openly, it seems that in order for the truth to sink in in today’s world, desperate measures must be taken in proportion to the desperate situation at hand, as a Facebook trend can be the difference between apartheid laws being ignored and a public uproar.

What will be the fate of these protestors? Only time will tell. We know that Israel ignores all international condemnation, it ignores the petitions demanding their Prime Minister’s arrest and ignores the protests and seventy-eight (78) UN resolutions. So will it just ignore this? However, the bigger question now is, will this finally spark another Intifada to perhaps meet Israel with the only language it seems to speak – violence.

The Son of Marwan Barghouti on the Palestinian Hunger Strike

Israel/Palestine Special: The Palestinian hunger strike, Trump’s Visit and the West Bank 480

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