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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Final French Presidential Debate Marine Le Pen states "France will be led by a woman, either me or Angela Merkel!"

Marine Le Pen on Europe: "I want to organize a referendum to leave the EU in September"

Marine Le Pen to Emmanuel Macron: "We now call you Hollande Junior!"

Marine Le Pen to Macron: "Security and terrorism are totally absent from your program

Marine Le Pen to Macron: "you are the candidate by default, you should be a little less arrogant!"

Marine Le Pen to Emmanuel Macron: "in your philosophy, everything is for sale!"

Marine Le Pen to Emmanuel Macron: " The Whirlpool workers booed you!"

Marine Le Pen: "Emmanuel Macron is the candidate of wild globalization, social brutality!"

Emmanuel Macron to Le Pen: "You manipulate the French people's anger!"

Marine Le Pen: "France will be led by a woman, either me or Angela Merkel!"

from the  Breitbart Live Blog: The Final French Presidential Debate

16:35 The debate is over

The one and only second round debate between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, weighing in at two hours and 20 minutes, is over. Now the time of the spin doctors and media commentators begins, and France votes in four days.

16:33 No interruption round II

Accusing Le Pen of spending her whole last two minutes "lying", Macron says he wants to unify the country and that he's "listened to the doubts and anger expressed by people", and claimed that he'd never lied to people.

"Our country has always been strong in a strong Europe... I refuse the spirit of defeatism and hatred, which is that of the Front National", he said.

16:31 No interruption round

Le Pen has been granted two minutes to speak without interruption.

"People may say I'm old fashioned but I like France as it is, with its culture, language, history... not a country thrown into a Fratricidal war that will allow some to obtain maximum profits for themselves.

"You want to close hospitals, factories, the only thing you don't want ot close are the borders... your business friends want that to force downwards pressure on wages".

Le Pen accuses Macron of seeking to weaken France because that will serve "the financial services at your side".

16:29 Macron's final words

In his final two moments, Macron accuses Le Pen of having no real vision for France, but rather is a member of the "extreme right" and is campaigning on smearing others, including himself presumably.

Calling Le Pen a "parasite" living off hate, Macron said anger "nourishes the Front National".

Macron says he will win the battle against terrorism, unemployment and the divisions between people in five years.

Promising a "renewal of France", Macron calls for a France that isn't "extreme right".

16:26 Le Pen finishes up

Le Pen hits back at Macron's claims on disability rights in her final moments of speech, saying she will grant a full tax rebate for disabled children. Saying there's a gulf between what is promised and what actually happens by politicians, Le Pen also attacked the poor track record on disability by former French left-wing governments.

"There's funding for mass immigration, for medicine for illegals who get better payments than French people... yet there is no solidarity for our own citizens, and this is precisely what is happening today", she said.

"The France that you defend isn't France, Mr. Macron... it's a trading room in the war of all against all". Le Pen said in Macron's France there would be a race to the bottom in terms of wages and working conditions.

Le Pen said: "France is a nation with a culture, a people, a hope of being able to continue that are respectful, and able to trade with the other nations of the world... France was thrown into chaos by your friends, those who support you in this presidential campaign".


16:21 Macron Summarises

In his final moments, Mr Macron decides to address the French overseas territories, calling them an important stake in France's economic development. Claiming Mrs Le Pen would repeal a law protecting the working rights of disabled people, Mr Macron said the law would remain.

"I don't want disabled people to have no solutions. A lot of jobs will be created in the education sector, I don't want young autist children to have to go abroad to be educated", he said.

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