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Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump update 5/12/2017...Two Scoops

Gloves Are Off! Roger Stone On Trump's White House Purge And Possible Comey Replacements

Two-Scoop Trump: The Legacy Media is So Hard Up They're Reporting on Trump's Ice Cream Habits

Trump And Lester Holt Go Toe To Toe Over Comey Firing

Trump: I want Russia investigation to be done properly

Trump Threatens Fired FBI Director in Tweet

Did Donald Trump Threaten James Comey On Twitter? Russia Plot Thickens.

Trump warns Comey over leaks

Sean Spicer Repeatedly Refuses to Answer Whether President Trump Tapes Comey in Oval Office

War Drums Along the Potomac

FBI Subversion, Conspiracy, & Corruption! - Trump Goes On Offensive

Keith Olbermann Commits High Treason: Calls For Foreign Gov'ts To Overthrow U.S.

Nobel Prize Nominee Robert David Steele discusses Trump, Comey, Rebuilding Integrity

The White House Daily Press Briefing - Sean Spicer is back

President Trump's Weekly Address 5-12-17

Donald Trump Is The Heart Of The Nationalist Movement

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