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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump update 5/16/2017...Only Donald Trump Can Save His Presidency

Roger Stone: Only Donald Trump Can Save His Presidency

CNN's Ana Navarro EXPLODES at GOPs: Republicans 'Have Fallen Prey To A Donald Trump Cult'

Trump Misspeaks (Again) on Comey As Futile Calls for Impeachment Resonate and Core Support Rethinks

WH debunks WaPo report on classified info as 'false'

Beckel, Watters debate the Washington Post report

Tucker: Hate of Trump has blinded media

The Real Story About Trump & Russians | Dick Morris

Ingraham: Someone in intel community wants to hurt Trump

Rush Limbaugh, Analysis of Washington Post Story, "TRUMP LEAKS INTEL To Russian Ambassador"

Trump Needs Us To Back Him To The Hilt

Sean Spicer off camera audio with White House press 5/16

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