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Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump update 5/26/2017...leakers putting hatred of Trump above love of country

Trump straight nails his first trip abroad as POTUS

President Trump arrives in Sicily ahead of G7 summit - Italy 5/25/2017

Overseas trip a success for Trump?

Trumplomacy: the best of Donald's worst moments in Europe

Macron Tries To Ignore Trump At G7

Trump's Handshake Battle With Macron Goes Viral

Michael Savage, If Trump Talked To Russia, SO WHAT

Intel leakers putting hatred of Trump above love of country?

Is the media helping terrorists with leak allegations?

Democrats shouldn't waste time waiting for Trump's impeachment ‒ fmr DNC chair

Napolitano: Is Trump in trouble?

Gingrich: Trump could be formidable if he stays focused

Judge Jeanine: President Trump needs a war room

White House staff change on the way?

President Trump's Weekly Address - 5/26/17

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