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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi update 5/14/2017...‘Saudi Arabia is fully entitled to defend itself and fully entitled to call on its friends in doing so’

The heart of hypocrisy

For a country that waltz’s around the world claiming to be democratic and concerned about human rights, highly condemning those whom it picks and chooses, Britain has shown its true hypocrisy.

Defense secretary, Michael Fallon has been quoted as saying that ‘Saudi Arabia is fully entitled to defend itself and fully entitled to call on its friends in doing so’. He states that the hyper-armed Saudi regime is ‘being attacked by rebels across its Southern border with Yemen’ and has towns and villages shelled. Yemen War: Saudi is forced to bomb its own border cities!

Yemen Today Channel English News 14 5 2017

Saudi Drone Downed, Mercenaries, Saudi-Led Forces Killed in Yemen

Saudi Arabia suffered new losses in its ongoing war on neighboring Yemen, with a spy drone shot down and more troops and mercenaries killed by Yemeni popular forces. A military source said Yemeni army soldiers and allied Ansarullah fighters downed a Saudi drone in Midi Desert in the northwestern Hajjah Province on Sunday, Al Masirah reported. Yemeni fighters also foiled an attempt by Saudi mercenaries to infiltrate into a military base in Dhale Province, the news channel reported.

Separately, Sudan’s army spokesperson Ahmed Khalifa al-Shami said two of the African country’s troops were killed and several others injured in Yemen. Last month, the Sudanese army said five of its soldiers had been killed and 22 others injured in Yemen.

On Saturday, Yemeni army snipers shot dead two Saudi soldiers in two separate military bases in the kingdom’s southern Najran region.

Additionally, a unit of the Yemeni military targeted a place of gathering for Saudi mercenaries in Midi Desert.

After more than two years of constant military strikes from the air, sea, and land, and a total embargo on Yemen, Saudi Arabia has been unable to reinstall the former Riyadh-allied Yemeni regime or eliminate the Ansarullah movement. Saudi Arabia enjoys backing from its allies such as Sudan in the protracted war which has has already killed over 14,000 Yemenis, according to recent tallies.

Cholera claimed 115 lives in Yemen since April: ICRC

Yemen condemns terrorist act in Qatif

"Iranian forces foil terrorist plot"

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