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Friday, June 2, 2017

ISIS update 6/02/2017...Putin says we protect Syria from becoming Libya

Putin: We don't protect Assad, we protect Syria from becoming Libya

Russian jets taking off at night from Latakia airbase, Syria

Russian VKS Stopped a New Offensive of Militants on Palmyra

June 2, 2017: Syrian Army Advances In Eastern Aleppo And Southeastern Desert

Syria: One person killed, four injured during Deir ez-Zor ISIS mortar attack

End of deadline given by SDF to jihadists to leave Raqqa

Kurdish-Led SDF on Verge of Cutting off Last ISIL's Supply Line to Raqqa

Local sources in Northeastern Syrian reported that the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are now within the striking distance of the last ISIL supply route to Raqqa after their fresh advances in the province.

The sources said that following the liberation of a dozen villages in the last 48 hours, the SDF managed to impose full control over the village of al-Thadyayn Southwest of Raqqa, thus cementing its siege of a tiny ISIL pocket around the junction town of al-Mansoureh.

At least 19 ISIL militants were killed during the clashes while dozens of RPG rocket launchers and tons of ammunition were seized, Kurdish sources said.

In relevant developments in the province on Tuesday, the SDF fighters launched fresh attacks to cut off ISIL's supply lines between Raqqa province and other cities in Syria and managed to take full control over the villages of al-Houreh, Baroudeh and Matyoureh 20km East of the newly-liberated town of al-Tabaqa.

The Kurdish combatants killed 25 ISIL militants and destroyed one of their bomb-laden vehicle. They also seized over a large volume of arms and ammunition.

The fear of bombings among the residents of Hama

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Makes New Gains in Aleppo

The Syrian army continued its military operations in Eastern Aleppo by purging terrorists from key villages and regions.

The army units drove back the ISIL terrorists from several regions in Eastern Aleppo and paved their way to recapture the town of Maskanah there.

The Syrian troops killed several terrorists and injured many more in fierce clashes over controlling of strategic regions. They also destroyed military equipment of the terrorists.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.


The Syrian army continued military operations in Eastern Aleppo to drive terrorists out of the province, blitzing in three fronts to recapture the town of Maskanah as the ISIL last bastion.

The Syrian soldiers could retake control of the village of al-Far in the Southwestern parts of Maskanah after clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

Based on field reports, Maskanah is now encircled by pro-gov't forces via the Northern, Western and Eastern directions.

Also, the Syrian army's front line positions overlook Maskanah-Tabaqa-Raqqa road which is now the only remaining way for the ISIL militants to withdraw from the strategic town.

Other reports from Eastern Aleppo also said that a large number of ISIL members have fled Maskanah to save their lives, adding that they have planted dozens of mines in the region to slow down the Syrian army's advance and the town's collapse.


The Syrian ground and air forces intensified military operations in the Eastern parts of Homs to open their way towards the strategic city of al-Sukhnah, paving the ground for lifting the siege of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian soldiers engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists near the two regions of al-Abbasiyeh and Talileh in Southeastern Palmyra (Tadmur).

Other units of the army clashed with the ISIL militants in several pivots near Job al-Jarah district in Eastern Homs, killing and wounding a number of Takfiri terrorists, including Arabs and foreign militants.

Meantime, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets pounded the ISIL supply routes in al-Sukhnah, regions near Job al-Jarah and the villages of Rasm al-Saba'ah, Um Sahrij, Abu Tarrahah, Abu Jaris, Onq al-Hawa, al-Shandakhiyeh and Sharq al-Qatqat as well as Ibn Rakan palace and the Western parts of al-Yatimiyeh mountain in the Eastern and Southeastern parts of Homs.

A military source confirmed that several ISIL bases and positions were destroyed in the airstrikes and tens of militants, including several commanders, were killed.


The Syrian army dispatched a large number of fresh forces to Hama as Damascus troops started a new phase of military operation to drive ISIL out of the province.

Hundreds of fresh forces arrived in Eastern Hama to help the Syrian army in its anti-ISIL campaign, as pro-government forces started an offensive to liberate Aqayrabat town, the main bastion of the Takfiri terrorists in the region.

The Syrian and Russian forces carried out a large-scale joint operation in Hama province to hit ISIL's defense lines East of the town of al-Salamiyah.

According to reports, pro-gov't forces began their military operation to liberate the Eastern countryside of al-Salamiyah that has been occupied by the ISIL for more than two years.

Liberation of Aqayrabat region is a main objective of the Syrian and Russian forces' operation in Eastern Hama, as it is ISIL's main stronghold in the province that is located along the terrorist group’s main supply route to the Raqqa province.


Another convoy of the Syrian army forces arrived in Dara'a province along with a large cargo of weapons and military equipment on Thursday.

The fresh forces joined their comrades as the Syrian army had earlier dispatched two other convoys of soldiers to Dara'a.

Hundreds of Syrian forces and a large batch of military supplies were sent to Dara'a province as it seems that pro-gov't forces are preparing to start a new anti-terrorism operation in the region.

According to military sources, the pro-government forces are now in the preparation stage for a special operation to completely liberate the Dara'a city and recapture Jumrak border crossing to Jordan.


A number of terrorists left the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugees Camp in Southern Damascus in line with an agreement between the Syrian army and the militants stationed in the region.

Based on the agreement between the army and the militants in the four towns of Fua'a, Kafraya, al-Zabadani and Madhaya, 4 patients along with 12 of their family members were allowed by the terrorists to leave Fua'a and Kafraya in Northern Idlib for Aleppo.

Also, the same number of militants withdrew from Yarmouk Refugee Camp and went towards Idlib.

Local sources in the Yarmouk had reported last month that the ISIL terrorist group is about to leave its positions in the camp and hand them over to the Syrian Army troops.

The sources said that the ISIL has distributed a number of leaflets across Yarmouk camp and Hajar al-Aswad region, determining three destinations in ISIL-held regions in Syria.

They added that the ISIL has urged its fighters to register their names for evacuation from the camp.

The sources pointed out that the ISIL is to leave the region and hand over its positions to the army units.


The US-led coalition aircraft carried out heliborne operation in regions controlled by ISIL terrorists in Northern Raqqa in Syria, carrying a number of militants on board.

The heliborne operation to save the ISIL members was conducted in the Northern parts of Raqqa.

Meantime, other reports said that the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces who are stationed in Raqqa under the US supervision allow the ISIL terrorists to leave Raqqa city.

Local sources disclosed in April that the US-led coalition aircraft carried out another heliborne operation in regions controlled by ISIL terrorists in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near Syria's border with Iraq.

The source added that several aircraft of the US-led coalition carried out heliborne operations near T2 Station in desert regions South of the town of al-Mayadeen.

According to reports, the aircraft landed near the T2 station where tens of the coalition forces left them and entered the station, adding the region on which the aircraft landed is one of the military supplying-rescue bases of the ISIL and there are a number of arms depots and fighters in the region.

The coalition's operation lasted for 20 minutes and the US-led forces left the region, Sky news said, adding that the ISIL, meantime, dispatched more forces and military equipment to Koinko oilfields, Jafrah and al-Tonk regions and set up tens of checkpoints in the towns of al-Mayadeen, al-Sho'eitat, Albu Kamal and its surroundings.

Offensive in the desert - Colonel Cassad

At the moment, the SAA and its allies are continuing their offensive:

1. To the east of Aleppo - the troops are on the outskirts of Maskan and have already bypassed it from the south, plus they continue to turn off the militants' front east of the Hanasser-Aleppo highway.

2. In eastern Hama, an offensive was launched to force out militants from the provinces, tactical successes were achieved.3

3. In eastern Homs, the SAA continues to develop operations north of the Palmyra-Tijas route, in order to secure the northern flank of the Palmer group and drive out militants from eastern Homs.

4. To the east and north-east of Palmyra - CAA continues to expand the control zone, but the militants have very stubborn resistance + are trying to counterattack.

5. Suweida, At-Tanf, Jordanian border - The SAA continues to develop an offensive along the border with Jordan and occupies a part of the desert territory between the border and Kalamun, there is no accentuated movement towards At-Tanf.

6. It is worth mentioning that the Shiite groups focused on Iran, took part of the border between Syria and Iraq, which increased tensions between allies in Iraq. Iran obviously realizes its plan connected with the possibility of uniting its formations in Syria and Iraq across the border, which will allow it to freely move its forces from one country to another, which in turn will strengthen Iran's positions in the negotiations on Syria and Iraq.

Iraqi PMUs Reach Syrian Borders

Iraqi Popular Forces Score More Victories against ISIL at Border with Syria

The Iraqi Popular forces (Hashd Al-Shaabi) continued their large-scale anti-ISIL offensive in the Western countryside of Mosul on Friday, liberating a new border-crossing that leads into Syria’s al-Hasakah province, the Iraqi Joint Command announced minutes ago.

According to the Iraqi Joint Command, the Hashd al-Shaabi forces liberated the village of Jayar Qalfas after a tough battle with the ISIL terrorists near the key town of Ba'aj in Northwestern Iraq.

The command further added that with today’s liberation of Jayar Qalfas, the Iraqi Armed Forces are now in control of a new Syrian border-crossing and on the fringes of Ba'aj.

The Badr Organization affiliated to the Hashd al-Shaabi announced in statement on Wednesday that 17km of Iraq's borderline with Syria was cleaned up of ISIL terrorists in its forces' operation.

The statement said that the Iraqi forces managed to advance against ISIL along the country's border with Syria from the entrance of the village of Um Jaris towards the village of Jayar Qalfas and the town of al-Qa'em, restoring security to 17km of borderline.

The statement added that Jayar Qalfas was under the Iraqi forces' siege and terrorists' supply lines to the village were cut off, adding that the cleansing operation in the village will kick off soon.

The statement went on to say that 13 terrorists, including four suicide attackers, were killed and their bomb-laden vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

ISIS is holding dozens of families to use as human shields in Mosul

Russia gains access to oil pipeline in Iraq under deal with Kurdistan

Kurdish PM Barzani (KRG) thanks Putin for Russia's support

Syrian Army Opens New Front to Hit ISIL's Defense Lines in Aleppo

Syrian Army Makes Fresh Advances against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo

Iraqi Popular Forces Win back More Territories from ISIL at Border with Syria

Tens of Abducted Civilians Released in Newly-Freed District North of Damascus

Syrian Soldiers Hit US-Backed Militants' Positions Hard in Eastern Damascus

Several Terrorists, Including Commanders, Killed in Roadside Blasts in Dara'a

ISIL's Centers in Deir Ezzur Receive Severe Blow in Syrian Armed Forces' Attacks

Syrian Army Seizes US-Made Military Vehicles in Captured ISIL Base in Homs

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