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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ISIS update 6/07/2017...US claims it warned Syrian convoy before attacks

'De-confliction' Zone : US-led coalition air strikes hit Syrian pro-govt forces

U.S airstrikes against Syrian Army & Allies near al-Tanf

US claims its forces warned Syrian convoy before carrying out attacks

Daraa Clashes ongoing between the rebels and government forces

The Syrian Arab Army launched a powerful offensive against the U.S-Backed Free Syrian Army forces in the Eastern countryside of Damascus, seizing several points in the process... Led by the 5th Corps, the Syrian Army captured the large hilltop of Tal al-Abd, and several points nearby, after a short battle with the Free Syrian Army units, near the Dumayr Military Airport in East Damascus... Syrian Arab Army troops, are steadily advancing forwards the Dawkah area, after taking a shirt hiatus to contrate on the Al-Tanf crossing in Southeastern Homs...

Syrian Army makes gains against ISIL in east Homs

LIWA AL-IMAM AL-BAQIR» Brigade convoys head towards Palmyra to join the Deir ez zor offensive against the so-called Islamic State, after Maskanah liberation...

The Syrian Democratic Forces announce the start of the battle of liberation of Raqqa

June 7, 2017: Battle For Raqqa Started

Storming of Rakki - Colonel Cassad

Officially announced the beginning of the assault of Rakki. Thus, the time that will be required for the occupation of Rakka will be counted from June 6.

Waiting for the closure of the ring environment did not, apparently, hoping to solve this problem in the process.

On the one hand, we can talk about a breakdown of previously set deadlines, which were shifted first to April, and then to May.

On the other hand, the beginning of the assault without the completion of encirclement may indicate a certain rush connected with the defeat of the Caliphate in Eastern Aleppo and the entry of Syrian troops into the province of Rakka.

Of course, it is unlikely that the SAA moving south will bypass the buffer at Tabka and go to Rakka from the south, but forcing the assault should give a clearer guarantee that the American flag will hang first over the city. In recent weeks, Americans have actively saturated battle formations north of Rakka with armored vehicles, while Kurds pulled up additional infantry forces.

Moreover, the Caliphate may have its own amendments to these plans, since the example of Mosul, the storming of which continues to this day and is accompanied by huge losses of the Iraqi army, clearly shows that the "blacks" often correct various paper plans for their destruction, although of course about Their victory has long gone. It is expected that the main resistance will be provided in the central areas of the city, while the suburbs will be relatively quickly occupied by mobile assault groups. The battles themselves promise to be very bloody, considering the entire experience of the defense of large cities by the Caliphate. At this point, the Kurds continue to squeeze the semicircle on the northern shore of the Euphrates and advance directly to the suburbs from the east and northeast. Just expect active action on the southern bank of the Euphrates and the active continuation of the air campaign. For today, several dozens of air strikes have already been carried out on the positions of the "blacks" around Rakki.

Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces retake nine villages west of Mosul from Daesh

Iraqi forces caught torturing captives in Mosul mostly supervised by US – security official

Civilians escape from ISIS control west of Mosul

Life has returned for young people in liberated areas of Mosul after ISIS' expulsion

Injured Mosul civilians recount how ISIS targeted the innocent


Syrian Soldiers Enter ISIL-Held Regions in Raqqa Province

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