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Thursday, June 8, 2017

ISIS update 6/08/2017...Battle For Raqqa Started

Syrian War Report – June 7, 2017: Battle For Raqqa Started

Raqqa: Kurdish forces (YPG/YPJ) entered the eastern district of Meshleb

Raqqa: SDF attack the city on three axes as progress is made on the city's eastern Mashlab district

SDF continue progress on eastern Raqqa

Syrian army pounds Daesh positions in Raqqa

SDF liberated Hawî Hewa Village Northwest of Raqqa

SyAF spotted American drone MQ-1B Predator with a Hellfire missile over Syrian Badia

Syrian forces in al-Tanf outskirts day after US airstrike

US-led coalition carries out aggression on military position on al-Tanf road

Su-30SM VKS attacked Pro-US FSA mercenaries in Badia area

Pentagon Struggles In Vain To Justify Attack On Syria

Lavrov Says U.S. Coalition Strike In Syria An 'Act Of Aggression

Lavrov Confirms Pentagon Is Lying: There're No Agreed-Upon 'De-Confliction Zones' in Syria

Losses at the At-Tanf - Colonel Cassad

The reason for the growing irritation of Iran's actions lies not only in its attempts to reach At-Tanf in Syria, but also in occupying part of the Syrian-Iraqi border with pro-Iranian formations, and cutting it off by promoting Peshmerga to the south (which is significant in the light of the referendum announced in September Independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, when borders of occupied territories can suddenly become state borders).

Damascus: SAA establishes control over areas in eastern countryside.

Syrian-Iraqi War Report – June 8, 2017: PMU Liberated Over 3,500km2 In Western Iraq

Iraqi forces recapture 85% of Mosul's key district

Mosul's eastern and western parts of the city split between life and death

Thousands of Iraqis flock out of Daesh held regions

Mosul: Over 100,000 people still held in ISIS controlled areas

Injured Mosul civilians recount how ISIS targeted the innocent

ISIS Surrenders Baaj, Leader al-Baghdadi's Hideout


Abdullah Al-Muhaysini Wounded in Assassination Attempt in Syria
Syrian Army Advances in Anti-ISIL Operations in Hama, Captures Terrorists' Military Convoy

Iranian Drone Traces US UAV in Syria, Finds Opportunity to Hunt American Aircraft
Syria: Gunmen Evacuated from Damascus Return Home due to Bad Conditions in Idlib
Syrian Army Advances to Areas Close to Arak Region in Eastern Homs

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