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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ISIS update 6/13/2017...US Backed Syria Force Advances In Raqqa

U.S.-Backed Syria Force Advances In Raqa, Battles For Base

Rojava News: Footage from the Division 17 military base and the sugar factory

Kurdish forces advance against ISIL in Raqqa

The Syrian Arab Army has officially entered the big battle for Al-Raqqah province, as the so-called Islamic State recedes in its de-facto capital... After completely expelling the terror group from the Eastern countryside of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army's elite Tiger Forces, is spearheading a massive assault in West countryside of Al-Raqqah... The Syrian Army troops managed to recapture several villages(Rujm Askar, Bir Inbaj, Al-Rusafa Oil-Field, Dahr Umm, Baj, Jubb Aziz, Jubb Galhanem, Abu Susah and Jubb Abyad) along with Rusafa juncture, an imperative crossroad linking the Rusafa Town and the Tabqa Airbase, with en equal distance of 30 k.m² from each... While the military Operations are now technically taking place inside Raqqah province, the aim of this push is to force the Isis for a massive retreat from the strategic Khanasir plains; Thus fully securing the Athriya-Raqqah Road, and Athriya-Khanadir route; the latter serve as the main supply line to the Northern city of Aleppo...

The Kurdish Question

Defense of Deir ez-Zor. The fighting on the southern axis of the city.

Siria, Deir al Zour, 12/06/17 tropas sirias atacan posiciones del isis

Russian Il-76 airdrops humanitarian aid over Deir ez-Zor

Battle for Daraa intensifies amid new offensive by Syrian Army

Fighting between SAA and rebels in Daraa intensifies

The Syrian Army, National Defense Forces, Liwaa al-Quds, and other Pro-government units are advancing on the Isis-held areas of Arak and the T-3 Airbase in Palmyra's countryside... On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army, N.D.F, and others reached the Eastern vicinity of the Arak village, and deployed in a striking distance from the T-3 Airbase... These operations are aimed at setting up a foothold, for a push in the direction of Deir ez zor as well regaining the Arak GAS-field, that is important site for the Syrian Energy System... At the time, Government forces have been developing a momentum in the Northeastern Homs countryside, aiming to recapture the village of Huwaisis from the so-called Islamic State... Huwaisis is located at the important Road, linking the cities of Salamiyah and Palmyra... In this video Syrian Army advancing in Arak area... Also, the Syrian Army slowly gaining ground around a network of Hills surrounding the imperative T-3 Airbase and T-3 Pumping Station, Isis is putting up bitter Resistance with all types of weapons... Despite a large Isis garrison defending the T-3 Airbase, Government forces are expected to resume their offensive on the Airfield in the coming days... The T-3 Airbase and its Oil-Fields have been under the Isis control for over two years... At the moment nevertheless, Government forces are less than 2 k.m² from the Airport...

Syrian Army advances toward gas-rich town east of Palmyra

Homs: continues SAA+VKS offensive in the eastern countryside | 12.06.2017

Syrian soldiers, allies 600 meters away from Iraqi border

Iraqi forces push toward Mosul’s Old City, civilians flee

Mosul civilians evacuation by Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service

Iraqi forces clear the remaining neighbourhoods of Mosul, street by street


Homs: ISIL Massively Withdraws from around Arak Energy Field

ISIL on Run as Syrian Soldiers Advance in Raqqa

Army Forces Advance towards ISIL's Last Base in Syrian Desert

ISIL Continues to Retreat from Eastern Hama as Syrian Soldiers, Russian Bombers Continue Non-Stop Raid

Syria: Gov't Troops Reach Strategic Ithriya-Raqqa Road

Deir Ezzur: 11 ISIL Terrorists, Notorious Commander Killed by Unknown Attackers

Syrian Army Takes Control of 50 Percent of Dara'a Refugee Camp

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