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Thursday, June 15, 2017

ISIS update 6/15/2017...200k people trapped inside Raqqa as the battle continues

200,000 people are trapped inside Raqqa as the battle continues

SDF burning underground tunnels

SDF clashing with ISIS terrorists in Raqqa City

SDF continue their advance into Raqqa

TIGRE and its Troops arrive to ar-Raqqah fighting against ISIS - 14 June 2017

UN calls for accountability for Raqqah violations

Staggering Loss of Life: 'Raqqa is not about protecting civilians'

Violent battles between the Syrian Arab Army's Tiger Forces and other Pro-government forces, against the so-called Islamic State in West of Al-Raqqah countryside, near the (Athriyah) Ithriyah-Tabqa highway... On June 12,the Syrian Arab Army's elite Tiger Forces, backed by Russian Air force made a breakthrough advance from the Maskanah Plains to the South, towards the aforementioned road... More than 15 villages were cleared of Isis, as a result of this assault... In the meantime Syrian Army and its Allies are currently engaged in violent battle against Isis for the important Thawrah Oil-Field Southwest of Tabqah city, and the clashes are still ongoing for the contested area... Also, firefighting between Syrian Army and Syrian Democratic Forces took place around front-line Town Al-Mudhyrifah, located directly West of Tabqah city, after Isis rapidly withdrew from around 20 villages on the South bank of lake Assad, prompting both the Syrian Army and S.D.F to move in on the abandoned area in a moment of opportunism... With the Syrian Arab Army's Tiger Forces quickly seizing all the villages clashes erupted with the Syrian Democratic Forces, which resulted in the destruction of 2 Kurdish technical and 3 S.A.A vehicle's... Although skirmishes have largely halted in West Raqqah since then, the increased tensions in addition, new clashes are likely to ignite with both the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Democratic Forces, racing across Isis-held territory in Raqqah province...

Scenes of the of the Syrian Arab Army and its Allies to hunt down the so-called Islamic State, in the vicinity and inside the field of Arak in rural Palmyra... The Syrian Army liberated the entire Arak Triangle, Tuesday, following a fierce battle with Isis in Eastern countryside of Palmyra, but was unable to take control of Arak GAS-fields, which is located directly East of the Arak Town... In Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army's 5th Corps was finally able to break into the Arak GAS-fields, liberating several points inside this site before nightfall dissipated the firefights... Syrian Army forces will push on toward the Town of Sukhnah, along the Homs-Deir ez zor highway... Sukhnah is the last major Isis stronghold before the Deir ez zor Governorate...

SAA freed eastern countryside of Palmyra from ISIS forces

June 15, 2017: Syrian Army Captures More Oil Fields In Raqqah Province

Palmyra: continues SAA+VKS offensive in direction of As-Sukhna | 15.06.2017

Syrian troops gain more ground against Daesh

Daraa reduced to rubble as a result of the war

High temperatures and lack of electricity has driven the people of Hama out

US steps up military presence in Syria

The Syrian Arab Army team «Isis-Hunters» message... _.«We are ready to kick out America and the so-called Islamic State Terrorists, from Al-Raqqah and Deir ez zor»...

Heartbreaking message of a Syrian boy to the world!

Iraqi forces retake key neighbourhood in Mosul

ISIS militants use chemical weapons to thwart Iraqi forces advancing in Mosul


Syrian Army, Hezbollah Reinvigorate Positions at Border with Iraq Regardless of US Army Warnings

3 Terrorists Killed, 5 Arrested in Southeastern Iran

Intelligence Minister: Terrorist Team Disbanded in Western Iran

Syrian Army Makes Fresh Advances against ISIL, Repels Terrorists' Heavy Attacks in Hama

Syrian Army Captures Strategic Energy-Field in Homs, Advances toward ISIL's Vital Bastion en Route to Deir Ezzur

Northeastern Syria: Hundreds of Civilians Killed, Tens of Thousands Displaced under US-Led Coalition Airstrikes

Terrorists Fail again to Break through Syrian Army Positions in Deir Ezzur

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