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Monday, June 19, 2017

ISIS update 6/19/2017...Syrian Warplane Engaging ISIS Shot Down By U.S-Led Coalition

US-led coalition downs Syrian army plane in southern Raqqa

US Navy Shoots Down Syrian Warplane Plane Near Raqqa

Syrian Warplane Engaging ISIS Shot Down By U.S-Led Coalition!

Syria: Why the sudden escalation after US shoots down a Syrian aircraft?

SDF snipers targeting ISIS jihadists in Raqqa

SDF liberates al-Bayatra neighborhood of Raqqa from ISIS

SDF footage of freed al-Batani district and clashes in Hittin district

Protest in Douma against al-Qaeda affiliated groups

ISIS are rapidly losing territory across Syria

Iran launches Ballistic Missiles to Der Ezzor

Iran fires missiles against 'terrorist bases' in E. Syria in retaliation for Tehran attacks

IRGC: Attacks to continue if Daesh strike Iran again

IRGC official gives more details on missile attacks on Daesh

Iraqi forces storm Mosul's Old City in 'last chapter' operation

Iraqi forces advance on Mosul's Old City

Iraqi army launches final push to fully liberate Mosul

Iraqi committee: ISIS are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians

Yazidi Iraqi PMU fighter shares his promise to his wife, kidnapped by ISIS


Damascus: Syrian Army Aircraft Downed by US-Led Coalition over Raqqa

Raqqa: Syrian Army, SDF Forces Clash for 1st Time After US-Led Coalition Downs Syria's Fighter

Photos Show IRGC Used Zolfaqar, Qiam Missiles in Deir Ezzur Attacks

IRGC Commander: Online Footages of Missile Strike at ISIL Sent to Iran by Drones

Syrian Soldiers Inch Closer to ISIL's Key Base in Western Reqqa

Syrian Army Cuts ISIL's Supply Routes from Iraqi Borders to Syria

Deir Ezzur: ISIL Sustains Heavy Losses in Syrian Army, Air Force Strikes

Top Commander: Iran among Missile Powers

Kurdish Politician: Syrian Fighter Jet Shot by US Not in Anti-SDF

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