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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Qatar/Yemen/ Saudi/ Bahrain update 6/06/2017...Qatar under siege

Qatar under siege

Qatari airplanes can't fly over Saudi Arabia, just like Israeli airplanes

Qataris rush to stock up on food ahead of price hike

10,000 U.S. Troops Stationed In Qatar

Qatari FM questions future of GCC

Qatar Diplomatic Dispute: Kuwait's emir to visit Saudi Arabia to mediate in Qatar crisis

Wilkerson: From Qatar to Syria, Trump & Gulf Allies Target Iran

Marwa Osman: Saudi Arabia, Allies Trying to Introduce Qatar as Sole Terror Sponsor in Region

Political analyst Marwa Osman says that Saudi Arabia, which has played a greater role than Qatar in spreading the ideology that terrorism feeds upon, is accusing Doha of harboring terrorism.

She said Saudi Arabia and its regional allies are trying to pinpoint Qatar for being the sole terrorist harboring nation in the Middle East, while according to the political analyst the reality is different.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, and Yemen have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar while Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also closed their borders with the country. The five Arab nations accuse Doha of supporting terrorism and interfering in the internal affairs of Arab states.

RT asked Middle East analyst, Marwa Osman what is behind these accusations and why are they surfacing now.

“They started surfacing, to begin with, in 2011… But I think people who are harboring terrorism are now accusing other people who are also harboring terrorism of harboring terrorism. That should be a punch line of a very serious joke, but it is not. It is very risky, challenging for the entire region," Marwa Osman replied.

"We started feeling the heat between Qatar and Saudi Arabia three months ago when the affiliates that are being funded by both states started bickering and fighting each other in Syria. That was the first mark that started a war of words between them which concluded in what happened today. But they surfaced at the beginning of the so-called Arab uprisings, and Arab Spring in 2011, that had a historical background. It did show that they challenged one another since the 2011 uprisings to take control of the MENA region, who funds which group in which state starting from Tunisia ending up in Syria passing through Libya, obviously. But it all started in the 1950’s."

"The main bickering of Saudi Arabia and Qatar started with the Saudi support for the Muslim Brotherhood and started from the (Persian) Gulf War being enemies,” Osman said in an interview with Russia's RT television network.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly been accused of sponsoring terrorism alongside Qatar. WikiLeaks leaked Clinton's 2014 email where she says both Qatar and Saudi Arabia support ISIL. RT asked Osman whether this current dispute is a bid to shift the focus to Doha.

“Yes, but to back this with more evidence, you could look at the terrorism report that was banned from being released in the UK just yesterday because it spoke directly against Saudi Arabia and pinpointed Saudi Arabia to be a funding and supporting force for terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. That is one piece of the evidence. Yes, they are trying to pinpoint Qatar for being the sole terrorist harboring nation in the Middle East, but that is not true,” she concluded.

Saudi move against Qatar is a Game-of-Thrones style power play

Key Partners Tread Careful Line in Volatile Middle East Region

US approves sale of $750mn worth of military training & support to S Arabia

Bahrain quietly heading towards a ‘total suppression of human rights’

3 Saudi Military Men Killed by Yemeni Snipers in Jizan

Yemeni snipers killed 3 Saudi troopers in the kingdom's Southern region of Jizan in another retaliatory attack against Riyadh's full-scale war on the impoverished nation.

"Three Saudi soldiers were killed by the Yemeni snipers in al-Karas and al-Shabakeh regions of Jizan and 12 Saudi mercenaries, including a commander, were targeted in al-Jahmaliyeh region of Ta'iz province," a Yemeni military source said on Tuesday.

He also added that a Saudi mercenary was killed in Asilan region of Yemen's Shabwah province.

Yemeni sources said on Monday that 380 soldiers of the Sudanese Army affiliated to the Saudi-led coalition were killed and wounded in clashes with the Yemeni Army troops and the country's popular forces of Ansarullah Movement in Hajjah province in last month.

The sources said that a large number of the Sudanese soldiers and officers tried to cross the Saudi border and enter Yemen's territories in Meidi region in Western Yemen in May but the Yemeni soldiers and Ansarullah fighters engaged in a tough battle with them and thwarted their attack.

"136 Sudanese officers and soldiers were killed and 244 others were injured in Meidi desert, in the meantime, tens of military vehicles and a large volume of equipment were destroyed in the failed attempt," the sources went on to say.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the Yemeni fighters from the Ansarullah movement reportedly engaged Saudi military forces near the kingdom’s Southwestern border regions, and killed a captain in the clashes.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that Captain Mohammed bin Eid bin Abdullah al-Subaie from ground forces was killed several days ago, when Ansarullah fighters launched an attack against a border outpost in Southern Saudi Arabia.

The report added that Prince Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz , the deputy governor of Riyadh, and a number of senior military figures and members of the royal family prayed for the slain Saudi officer at al-Rajhi Grand Mosque in Riyadh on Friday.

Persian Gulf diplomatic crisis

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