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Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump update 6/02/2017... rogue nation under Trump

What Up at the White House recap: Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement, wins at spelling - TomoNews

Pelosi: Withdrawing from Paris agreement dishonors God

US becoming a rogue nation under Trump’s leadership

Mainstream media slams Trump for pulling out of Paris climate agreement

UN chief says climate action unstoppable

Geraldo 'absolutely appalled' by Trump's climate deal exit

Protesters Take to Streets in NYC, Enraged by Trump's Decision to Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal

Trump Withdraws U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement Choosing Pittsburgh Over Paris

Climate Agreement Is A Glorified Global Tax

Goldberg: Where's the moral outrage over immediate threats?

Pres. Trump Sends the Feds to Chicago's Sanctuary City War Zones Area

Kathy Griffin breaks down & claims Trump family ruined her life

How to DeCapitate Your Career. Common Core 101

Can Trump Really Drain The Swamp? - Jack Abramoff Interview

Cowardly Leaks Aim to Topple Trump | Dick Morris, Deep Six the Deep State

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