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Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump update 6/09/2017...Trump Vs. _______________

Trump Vs.

What Up at the White House recap: He’s back, Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey — COMEY

Top Ten Facts From Comey's Testimony to Senate Intel Committee (6-8-17)

Judge Jeanine: 'Predator' Comey wanted to take Trump down

#ComeyDay Cucks The Fake News Media! MIke Cernovich

Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia Collusion Theory 'Came Apart' With Comey Testimony

Donald Trump Jr. speaks out about Comey testimony

Kimberly Guilfoyle on Comey’s testimony

Trump plans to file complaint against James Comey

Trump's Lawyer Files Against Comey/Leaks/DOJ

Tom Fitton discussing Comey Lawlessness, Smoking Gun Clinton Email, & New JW Lawsuits

Chris Wallace Thinks President Donald Trump Is Right to Call Comey a Leaker: ‘A Leak Is a Leak’

Former Federal Prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin on Comey: Trump Admin Lied, Defamed Me And FBI.

How To Impeach A President For Nothing | Dick Morris

Comey: Attention Junkie and Supreme Diva Exonerates Trump

President Trump Delivers Infrastructure Speech at Dept. of Transportation

President Trump, I would 100 percent be willing to testify about Comey under oath!

"When Will You Tell Us About Recordings?" President Trump "Over A VERY Short Period Of Time!"

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